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The New Iza Apparel Holiday Collection

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The New Iza Apparel Holiday Collection

Hey guys! It has taken me a while to come up with a new collection for many reasons. One being that I need to take a step back and breath, Iza Apparel has been my life many years, working hard to build a brand and a name for myself. It resulted in exhaustion and getting to a point that I had lost touch of the reason why I had opened Iza in the first place and that was to provide high-quality garments that are unique but also at a decent price. With everything that it entails to own and operate a physical location and an online store. I need to decided if I still wanted to do this, because I felt the universe was telling me no, since there has been road blocks along the way in getting a new physical location. Fast forward to the new collection, I was talking to someone that I look up to and they told me to do and try everything and not stop, so I did. 

I decided to launch a new collection online and go with the flow of what the universe was blocking me from and leading me to. When I started working on this new collection, I came back to life. It reminded me of how passionate and in love I am with Fashion and what I get to do. 

In this Holiday collection, I wanted to incorporate different styles that would complement you, my customers. I wanted an Upscale dress, a classic but unique Top that could be dressed down or up, a loungewear set that was stylish enough you can wear out, and the statement piece which is the popular long cardigan.

I began to sketch my ideas and came up with fashion sketches and was able to bring them into life.

I love you the new collection as much as I do. 







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