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Iza is a women's and beauty boutique with seasonal Men's Line. We offer a variety of products designed to help every woman and man look and feel her best. Our mission is to empower men and women and build self-love and confidence with fashion and beauty. All of our items are handpicked by the owner, they are high quality, limited edition items, and affordable. We rarely restock any of our items once they sell out. This limits the probability of seeing someone else with the same outfit. Currently, our bandage dresses and lace crop tops are extremely popular and guaranteed to make an impression on your next event. If you’re in the mood for a flashier outfit we also offer a selection of chic, trendy metallic, sequence clothes at affordable prices. Don’t forget to keep warm with our beautiful selection of outerwear. We also offer a variety of cosmetics and cosmetic application services, one-on-one makeup artistry lessons, specializing in airbrush makeup, and spray tanning services.Our services are in-house or mobile, all perfect for weddings, birthdays, and other special occasions. Our customers are all individuals with their own unique styles, and our stylists are all trained to work with the client to meet their own unique needs. As with all our products and services, our goal is to create a personalized, exceptional shopping experience.


Iza's founder Jenny started her love for makeup and fashion at an early age. Playing with makeup and putting together outfits, reading up on the latest trends, and watching television shows on the latest makeup routines. She found herself perfecting the techniques by trying out the latest trends on others and herself. Whether it was a family member, friend or acquaintance, she was the one to call to help them enhance their natural beauty and style. For many years, it was mainly a hobby where she could express herself through other people, which brought joy to her life by seeing how her artwork uplifted their self-esteem and confidence.
Before turning her hobby into a career, she decided to pursue her education and received her Bachelor’s in Business Administration before the age of 21. Soon after that, she was working in the white-collar industry for over five years, shortly after she felt as though she was lacking something in her professional career. She always knew what she wanted and with an entrepreneur mentality, she decided to go back to her hobby of playing with makeup and fashion. After discovering she could peruse this as a career, she brushed up on her techniques, started networking with industry professionals, and shortly after started to build her clientele as a makeup artist. As a result, it leads her to work and experience the beauty industry from a different perspective by expressing her talent through commercials, fashion shows, music videos, photo shoots, events, weddings, and birthday celebrations.
After six years of being in the industry, she deiced it was time to combine her love for fashion to her existing business. In September of 2012 she launched her online boutique and in 2014 she opened doors to her first storefront in Chino, CA.
With her extensive experience and training in beauty and fashion, this entrepreneur is fearless when it comes to business and what she is passionate about, making her clients/customers confident inside and out.

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